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‘The stripes in the Americans flag are for business. The stars are the bullets to protect that business.’

The Four Corners is filled with notions and symbols as seemingly familiar as the Stars and Stripes, yet invested with new meaning.  As familiar yet very original, is the home grown ‘found’ music tracks that form part of the Four Corners soundscape, with the film scored by electronic musician and conceptualizer Markus Wormstorm, and tracks by some of the following artists:


RATTEX “Hip Hop is about addressing important issues and representing where you’re from<.”

Hailing from Khayelitsha on the Cape Flats, Rattex is a true son of the ghetto. He speaks from the heart with a universal appeal that can be felt and understood no matter which language is your mother tongue. Rattex, or ‘Rah’ to his friends and fans, brings his own unique variety of deadly lyrical poison to the South African hip hop game. Rattex is at the forefront of the new school of proudly South African rappers who understand that Hip Hop, more than any other musical art form, is about addressing important issues and representing where you’re from. Rattex is one of the pioneers of the ‘Spaza’ movement, where lyrics are performed in a combination of isiXhosa, English and Cape Flats slang.



KHULI CHANA “Tswenglish” (Tswana mixed with English) defines Khuli’s signature hip hop style.

Khuli Chana practices the skill of rhyming in vernacular rap, Motswako, encompassing elements from various musical backgrounds, involving street-talk and highly influential messages in Setswana, English and other South African languages. Khuli Chana brings this different flavour and sound to the Hip-Hop scene.. A remix of Khuli’s song, “No More Hunger”, was requested by Action Aid South Africa to be featured on their Hunger Free Campaign music compilation, featuring artists from around the continent. Khuli Chana released his second solo studio album entitled Lost in Time in November 2012, earning him Best Male Artist, Best Rap Album, and Album of the Year at the MTN SAMAs in 2013. The hit single “Tswa Daar” went on to make him the most voted local artist at the 2012 Channel O Music Awards. The Lost in Time album, in true Khuli Chana signature style, consists mostly of tracks in “Tswenglish” (Tswana mixed with English).



HEMELBESEM “HemelBesem is ready to stamp his foot hard on Afrikaans Hip-hop in 2014.

Afrikaans Hip Hop artist HemelBesem  is an emcee, who prides himself on being an “edutainer” through his appearances and community drives at local schools, and being closely involved in the FAS (Feotal Alcohol Syndrome) awareness projects. He is also an ambassador for Kullid – an organization that promotes empowerment and upliftment of the Coloured people of South Africa – and performed at the “Habitat For Humanity” charity event in March 2012, which raises money to build low-cost housing for the under privileged. HemelBesem has self-produced and independently released five albums, including Dink n Bietjie, Auto-Bio-Grafie, Die Worcester Standard (2009), Evil Is Maklik /Evil is Easy(2010) and the most recent Uwilisimakliki /Evil isn’t so easy (2011).



FELIX LABAND “people stick to a certain sound and a specific way of doing things. I throw that out the window.”

Felix Laband’s music has been described as “indie-tronica”. A surfing enthusiast, Felix creates light, emotional, minimalist soundscapes by combining several styles and samples from classical, jazz and old television recordings, overlaid with instrumental performances by himself and other guest artists. Felix thankfully took up computer music instead of surfing. Laband’s fiendish and phat foray into introspective electronics is highly promising and he is the highlight of several critically acclaimed South African projects. As Felix told U.K. magazine Dazed & Confused, “South Africa is a land of weird contrasts which definitely comes through in my music. I’m not afraid to throw things around. A lot of European stuff is quite formulistic, people stick to a certain sound and a specific way of doing things. I try to throw that out of the window.”



KYLE SHEPHERD “Live in the jazz world but never be imprisoned by it”.

Kyle Shepherd, one of South Africa’s leading progressive Jazz pianists and composers of his generation, is steadily gaining international recognition for his distinctive compositional style and performances. The multi South African Music Award nominated virtuoso pianist already has a well-established record of celebrated performances in South Africa, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands and China. The twenty-six-year-old Shepherd, whose first three albums, have received critical acclaim internationally, will launch his debut solo piano album, recorded in Japan, in November 2013. Shepherd is steadily gaining a reputation as one of South Africa’s most influential and inventive Jazz pianists and composers of his generation. He has forged a unique compositional and performance concept that pays homage to all his musical influences while continuing to look forward musically to, in the words of the great South African Jazz writer Gwen Ansell, “live in the jazz world but never be imprisoned by it”.



JITSVINGER “I see myself as that key because in life we face many doors”

Jitsvinger (Quintin Goliath) is an Afrikaans vernacular hip hop artist and poet. His versatility as an artist and musician has seen him travelling the country and world. “Debating, criticising, communicating – that’s my main thing I put forward when writing any song and that’s how my first album Skeletsleutel came about. It says just that, it’s a key that can open doors and I see myself as that key because in life we face many doors”, says Jitsvinger. “Music is a powerful tool and I feel this is something one needs to look at instead of just rapping about fashion and living excessive lifestyles with blings-blings and what not. My voice is different, my views are different” With his cutting-edge, socially relevant, and mischievous lyrics, Jitsvinger manages to mesmerise audiences into deep thought or induce roaring laughter. He’s making musical waves across South Africa and abroad.

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CREAM “my music is the soundtrack to my trials, tribulations, hopes and ambitions”

This extremely talented Afrikaans rapper is from Kuils River, Cape Town. His effortless flow, melodic hooks, clever wordplay and hard hitting street style sets him apart.  Cream is both a product of the grimy streets of the Cape Flats, and the long tradition of lyrical hip hop in Cape Town. His music is the soundtrack to his trials, tribulations, hopes and ambitions – it’s his passion, his hunger and his salvation.




ISAAC MUTANT “Isaac is is currently writing a non-fiction novel called “A snake’s tale”

Born July 29, 1975 in Cape Town, South Africa, Isaac Mutant a.k.a Jimmy Kaatte alias Ike Deny is a hip-hop MC, from the Cape Flats, rapping in Afrikaans. Growing up in Mitchell’s Plain, Isaac came into contact with hip-hop through breakdance in the mid-eighties, and started to rap soon after. His first group was a duo known as “Bad Influence”, who later changed their name to “Trampled Multitude”. Isaac  founded a new group Plain Madnizz, and K.A.K. (or Koloured Ass Krooks) together with MC Scallywag, and also joined the group “Parliament” (another group of MC’s from Mitchell’s Plain) in 2003, releasing the album Amerikaap. Plain Madnizz went on to release an album that same year titled “What Kine” The Album on Cape Flats Uprising, which was Followed by his solo debut Side-Show Freak Vol. 1: Ah!freak-kaans in 2004. 2006 saw the release of his second album called “The Unreleased Album”. He is currently writing a non-fiction novel called “A snake’s tale” as well as recording his third album.

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